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During the period of state terrorism in Argentina, repressive practices implemented had its scenario of action widespread throughout the national territory. Multiple sites, public and private, open or closed and in a variety of scales, conformed extended circuits or tours which victims transited from persecution and disappearances to extermination or long periods in prisons.

The Audiovisual Representation of the Territory (ART) tool aims at visualizing these practices interactively providing the information required in an immediate and orderly manner, allowing exposing their characteristics and establishing the relationships and behaviors of the systematic nature of the crimes committed. In this way, we can access the information by the victims themselves, through the territory or by the temporality of cases, establishing cross-links between the protagonists, spatiality and time. Thus, the multiplicity of inputs allows the description of the territory in maps of different scales with the routes of the victims of disappearance. The possibility of stopping at each space of the circuit allows visualizing its characteristics through photographs, virtual reconstructions, stories and fragments of testimonies.