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Memoria Abierta elaborated these categories of possible interviewees, thinking, on the one hand, in a corpus of testimonies that contemplates the multiplicity of voices and experiences of different social actors and, on the other, that accounts for the different dimensions and practices through which was articulated the repressive policy of State Terrorism. These categories are only tentative and open to the results of the collection and classification.

It is expected that the same interviewee will be recognized in more than one category. The categories will be indicated in each case to facilitate your consultation.

Categories based on family ties with detained-disappeared and/or murdered people:

Categories defined from personal experiences during the period prior to the coup d’etat of March 24th, 1976 and during the dictatorship

Categories defined from social and public activities before, during and after the dictatorship:

Intellectuals, artists and professionals (including teachers, journalists, lawyers, writers, etc.)

Public servants (Argentine or foreign)