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The RESLAC –Latin American and Caribbean Network of Sites of Memory– is organized as one of the regional networks of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. One of the regular activities of the RESLAC has been the realization of an Annual Meeting. The first regional meeting took place in 2006, in Buenos Aires, and subsequently annual meetings have been held at different venues, with different agendas.

Initially these workshops were related to tasks regarding the technical development of the different participating sites: experts’ exchanges, training in management of memory spaces that allowed us to share fundamental principles to develop a work that didn’t have much background in the region.

The goals of these annual workshops changed with time. The focus was aimed towards more theoretical than technical reflections, but without abandoning the exchange of practices and experiences. The role of the Memory Sites in the framework of democracy was a recurring theme in this second stage. As the Network grew and adds sites in different countries and regions of Latin America, it built a stronger identity and the situations to be addressed in the meetings became more complex.